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Books and Books on February 25, 2008 was once again a night full of energy, laughter, tears and just plain fun. From the moment Marta said she didn't want to teach Punto, and first time cast member Arsenio said (in a very heavy American accent) 'yo soy su maestro de ingles...' we knew we had a great audience. Yvonne's La Playa was a journey in a car with a frantic mother driving to the beach most of us had lived through in our childhood; my employment interview for a perfume bottling company was to say the least, surprising; and Yvonne and I channeling La Lupe as mom cleaned the house was a surprise too. From then it was clear sailing through Marta's always hilarious and touching Los Quinces, Yvonne's heartfelt rendition of El Avion, Arsenio delivering his deadpan, straight man delivery of lines like, 'it's a gift, really...' and my new favorite piece, La Cola. From our vantage point, the audience seemed to be having a great time and we fed on their energy. Thank you for a wonderful reading and for being such a great audience. Special thanks to our special groupies - Marina Garcia-Wood, Carlos Reyes, the Sosa Sisters and as always, my fellow shipmates on the eighteen hour tour from Cuba, my Camarioca family. If you enjoyed the monologues, don't forget to visit the  Cuban, That's All! Store at CafePress  to order your favorite CTA related merchandise. Remember to celebrate your cubanality!


The Cast on February 25, 2008 - Me (Juan), Yvonne, Marta and Arsenio


A great audience full of energy and emotion. Thank you.


With Martha Cabrera's Drama Class at Coral Reef High School on Monday, November 5, 2007.  The students performed a series of monologues from Cuban, That's All and brought to life many of the characters we had never used in our readings.  It was refreshing to see such maturity and focus coming from a young group of actors and I will forever remember many of their performances.